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Launch: 2008
Stores in India: 86 Stores / 48 cities / 15 States
Categories Men, Women, kids and accessories


PEOPLE, India's first fast- fashion youth brand, is a one-stop destination for the latest international trends. It was born of a fashion idea where international styles meet and complement a modern global outlook. The product line is characterized by an attitude that is as at home on the street or on campus as it would be on a ramp. PEOPLE offers the latest trends for Men, Women and Kids through its range of Casual Shirts, Tees, Tops, Kurtas & Fusion Tops, Jeans and Winterwear. Accessories complementing the clothes such as bags and scarves are also offered by the brand. PEOPLE is changing the way India accesses fast-fashion by making style and great clothes available to everyone.

PEOPLE was launched in 2008 as a fashion brand offering international and fusion styles to the entire family. Originally a part of the popular Peter England brand, it broke away to develop its own distinct identity in 2009. With over 90 stores across 40+ cities, it is one of the fastest growing brands in the apparel industry.